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Saturday, March 06, 2004


From the Department of the Gullible

WOW! This is Dennis. I cannot thank all of you enough for the tremendous response we have received in just a couple of days from people all over the country who are urging us to stay in this contest and move forward with our message of hope, and optimism, and peace.

Just in a few days we raised about $200,000 which was really astonishing, and it puts us in a position where we are moving the campaign along. I'm now in Texas on the way from San Antonio to Corpus Christi and will be campaigning in South Texas all day. Tomorrow I'll be in the March in Selma, the commemoration of the march, and then I'll be back to Florida. We have strong campaigns going in both Texas and Florida, and it's because of you - because you're enabling us to move ahead.

So as you're thinking this weekend about the direction of this country just know that you're helping to move not only a message, but to move America in a new direction. I'm so proud to be part of this effort and so grateful to you for everything you're doing to make this happen. We are on the way to Boston, and you can help smooth the road and help us speed our path towards that convention, by continuing to support us financially, spiritually, in any way you can. This is the moment for us to continue to stay together, and to move ahead and to celebrate this wonderful effort which is changing America and the world.

Thank you so much, this is Dennis, and I'll be talking to all of you soon. Bye now.

Dennis Kucinich

Anybody who's still contributing to Kucinich at this point (aside from late-night talk show hosts) must be the sort of person who purchased Central High School elevator passes back in the days when Central didn't have one. And not only changing the country, the world? Thats a little rich, don't you think?

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