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Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Death of A Candidacy or The Church of Howard Dean

Select quotes from the comments of the Blog, by topic:

Denial is not just a river in Egypt

"My Dean sign stays up. I'm sending Howard $100 today."

"Tell your friends. The campaign continues.
Let's get the Americans for Dean number to over 1 million by the end of this month!"

Right... the Americans for Dean number was at about 596,000 before Iowa. It's currently at about 641,000. How on earth do you propose getting 359,000 people to sign up to support a candidate who's no longer running, and do it in less than two weeks?

"You and a handful of other leaders have been the greatest American patriots of a very dark time in our history."

"Thank you, Governor. Thank you for giving me hope again. God bless you and your family.
Thank you to Joe Trippi, Zephyr, Matt Gross, and all the staff in Burlington. You are true patriots, and for the rest of my life I will be proud to tell people that I stood with you in America's darkest hour."

Darkest hour? I would argue that Iraqi Freedom was not America's darkest hour. 9/11, Pearl Harbor, the Civil War, 1812 when the British were coming, the first winter when the pilgrims sat around on Plymoth Rock and froze their hat buckles off... those are all candidates for darkest hours. This is not.

"We cannot win now if we lose hope and become bitter. We have come too far to suddenly turn back. Press on." Incidentally, at this point, you can't win if you don't lose hope and don't become bitter either.

"Keep campaigning.
Keep sending in money.
Keep swinging the bat."

"I will vote for Howard Dean in California.
I will put up more signs
My vote is not transferable
We will put Howard on our shoulders and carry him to Boston
This changes nothing."

"Govenor [sic] Dean:
If I've got the power, then I'm going to use it to DRAFT you as my candidate for president.
And I'm going to use that power to raise every dollar and secure every vote for you that I can.
PLEASE do not end your candidacy.
PLEASE stay in the race.
PLEASE fight with us all the way to the convention.
This nominating process is a long long way from being over.
Kerry is wounded. Edwards is broke. And YOU, Howard Dean, are the ONLY candidate with any integrity left in the race.
Come on. Dig down deep and stick with us. We will carry you when you're tired. We will lift you up when you're weak.
We are willing to fight for you and this movement all the way to the convention and beyond.
PLEASE stay in this race. It's NOT over by a long shot. It's just getting interesting. You don't want to miss the best part, do you?!?!?!
I want you to stay in and fight.
I want to fight for you.
NEVER give in.
NEVER give up.
NEVER surrender."

"This is not the end of the fight. We are at the scene in Star Wars where Vader strikes down Kenobi. At that moment, he became more powerful than we could possibly imagine. So too Governor Dean. You have just become more powerful than the Democratic Party can ever comprehend. Keep up the fight, and thank you."

"Howard may be abandoning his bid for the nomination, but he will remain on the ballot. I plan to continue to do everything in my power to get this man into the White House. " Good luck with that

"My name is Donovan.
I live in San Francisco.
This country belongs to me.
Thank you Gov. Howard Dean M.D."

Oh yes... remember that brilliant bit of poetry?

"Keep your name on the ballots Howard...and I assure you we WILL TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!! I'm still waiting to swing hard at the bat...so please tell me you're still in...please!!!"

"I am crying my eyes out as I type."

The Church of Howard Dean

"today is a sad day for america, the people has ignored the voice of one calling in the wildereness for change ..... AMEMRICA has resisted change..... like the persians, mesopotanians, greeks, romans, the american empire shall fall, and thus what we see today is just the beginning...novemeber will be another election of the lesser of 2 evils.... i have concluded today... i will stay home on election day"

"I hope this community continues in some way. You have all meant very much to me over the months. This is where I have gone to lift my spirits and renew my motivation.
I don't know what's next, but I do know two things. This campaign has changed me and I will never be the same. I will support Howard with everything I have."

Messianic, aren't they. It's like reading the blog of the Church of Howard Dean.

"Sometimes Dean works in mysterious ways."

"Our MESSAGE is the JUST and TRUE one."

"Thank you Howard Dean for giving me a voice.
Thank you Howard Dean for fighting for my rights.
Thank you Howard Dean for hearing me.
Thank you Howard Dean for speaking the truth.
Thank you Howard Dean for giving me hope again."

All you have to do is substitute 'Jesus' for 'Howard Dean' and they begin to sound like those Southern Fundamentalist wackmobiles that get the Democrats all jittery -- except the SFWs credit this to a divinity, not a doctor...

"And to you fellow deanies, i love you all. isn't it funny that i don't actually *know* any of you, but i feel such a strong connection to each and everyone of you, all because of one man with a plan?
I am crying too much now. I would like to hug you all. (((hugs)))"

If the disciples had had blogs, I feel that this might have been what they blogged on Good Friday. On second thought...nah...

Deaniacs, Denial, and the Obvious

"I'm upset. It sounds like Howard is ending his candidacy." Yes dear, it does...
"Still Howard Dean for President
Because the media doesn't get to choose our president. The voters do."
...which seems to be the problem, in this case.

It does not take a title to be my president.
Uh... right...

"I'll be a foot soldier in this war as long as it takes. Run and hide DLC we're comin' for you! The dishonest and spineless had better seek cover, cause we're mad as hell and we're not gonna tak it anymore!" It's interesting, Democrats and war... When there's an actual threat, or actual people being fed into actual woodchippers, foot soldiers and wars are somewhat less appealing...

"We will stay together...it's different than McCain because he had nothing to hold his followers together...but we have the blog and we have the newly-found knowledge that we can elect people without media, regular money funnels, or even the label of a "committee" behind us." Can you? Cuz you didn't. Just thought I'd point that out...

Interestingly, support on the Blog is about 10% any democrat/ABB, 25% Edwards. The other 65% seems to be of the opinion that the DNC kneecapped their guy, so they're gonna return the favor and either vote Green, Bush, or not at all. Not a huge voting block, but if the election's close, it could make a difference.

Rush Limbaugh said today, "Goodbye, Howard, you were too good for your party." And I agree. I did strongly dislike Dean, but I don't anymore. I don't agree with him, but I like him. He truly seems like a real, honest person. I think he'd be a decent governor, and I'd consider voting for him as such. Based on his positions on defense, I wouldn't vote for him for president, but he's a good guy. And as such, Rush is right.

posted by mango  # 1:44 PM

And then there were Two (and Two more who wouldn't go away)

Dean's bowing out. I'll blog it later when I have more time. However, until then, from the Blog:

I’ll cast my vote and encourage all others to cast their votes for Howard in Illinois.

Remember that we are the sane ones, from decisions of war to financial and moral restoration. Dean put out the strongest call against pre-emptive strike, a call that resonated all over the world, perhaps averting worldwide catastrophe, we may never know. Dean called for fiscal responsibility and all candidates were made to respond.

Howard Dean’s mission is to change America. So why don’t we continue to put his plan into effect. Can this be done over the period of a few months? No, but we can change America. This campaign has taught us that we have the power.

Ya'll are the sane ones, eh? Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? And no, you do not have the power to change America, cuz if you did, you would have used it... So Dean going on against the war "averted worldwide catastrophe?" That seems a bit rich.

posted by mango  # 10:11 AM


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