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Wednesday, February 11, 2004


Euphemism Watch

From Wes Clark's soon-to-be-defunct Campaign website:

"Today General Clark returns to Little Rock with his staff to reassess the status of his campaign. He will deliver an address to supporters this afternoon."

"Re-assess," my foot.
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A Must-Read article on Bush's military service.

It's written by a guardsman who served with Bush, who provides a good explaination of the way things work.
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From the Department of Political Correctness

Incidentally, when did Susan B. Anthony co-opt President's Day. Now it's Susan B. Anthony President's Day, or at least according to the DeanForAmerica folks. I mean, Susan B, you go girl!...I think that she should have some recognition, but either she should get a stand alone day, or perhaps put her with MLK day (that'll never happen) because suffrage is more an issue of civil rights than it is of...dead presidents. And it sounds like it's the day for presidents of Susan B. Anthony. Or something. I'd like to think it's because they want to honor her, but I feel like it was more a question of a bunch of feminists sitting around in a herbal-smoky back room and ranting about how Presidents day is all about the dead white men, and we ought to have a day, so they added SBA. But that just might be the cynic in me talking.
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