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Sunday, February 08, 2004


New Emails from the Campaigns:

From Dean:

"Dear Michigan,
Thank you.
I'm proud of the thousands of supporters in Michigan who worked tirelessly over the last six months to spread the vision and message of our campaign. One of the key tenets of our campaign remains getting people to reengage in the political process, and it's evident by yesterday's surprisingly large turnout in both Washington and Michigan that we continue to cause people to stand up and be counted in this important election.
I started this campaign for the presidency one year ago with the simple notion that America can be better. I had virtually no staff and no money, but I wanted to talk about health care. I wanted to talk about early childhood development. And I wanted to talk about fiscal responsibility and the importance of balancing the budget.
It was during my first trip to Iowa when I heard people speak of a profound fear
and distrust. Everywhere I went people were asking fundamental questions: Who
can we trust? Is the media reporting the truth? What is happening to our country?
So I offered a campaign in which you could participate, and you have done so -- beyond anything we imagined. This campaign not is mine -- it belongsto the people who are building it.
Thanks in part to your efforts, we have 174 delegates out of the 2,162 required to win the nomination.
I look forward to going forward with you.
Thank you, Michigan,
Howard Dean"

So, Howie, if you win, do we the people get to fly around in Air Force One, crash 1600 Penn, get invited to state dinners, etc? After all, it's not about you...

And Now... a supporter of Dennis Kucinich performs... An Act of Desperation!

"Dear Kucinich supporters,

Today we have Kucinich supporters all over Indiana collecting our last remaining signatures needed to be on the ballot in that state. We are so close, and we just have Monday to finish gathering the needed signatures. If you want to help assure your Indiana neighbors the chance to cast their votes for a true progressive voice within the Democratic Party -- if you want to give them a chance to vote for Dennis J. Kucinich -- then please contact one of our Field Signature Coordinators on the ground today in Indiana and travel to Indiana to help them collect signatures. Along with many other volunteers and interns, they are working hard today to assure that Indiana has a voice. Please connect with them today!"

Please! We just want to be on the ballot. And we want it to be printed with soy ink.

Incidentally, all of the Kucinich emails have the following tacked on the bottom:
"If you don't vote for your heart, you heart will never win! Now is the time to define the Democratic Party! Now is the time to put an end to fear, and let hope begin! Vote for hope and true security... vote for an experienced political leader! Vote for a platform that reflects Human Rights and Social Equality/Justice at the core! Vote Dennis John Kucinich in 2004."

As Susan commented, I find this a tad bit creepy. Also, I'm a little wary of "social justice" in general, because it tends to try to engineer a "just society," which seems to trample all over individual justice. I'm not so much all about that.

A note: I added the Bush ticker because they seem to be the only campaign with something that nifty. I hope to add others if the other candidates get their acts together.

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Fun things to do on candidate websites:

Invade a State with Wes Clark!

"It's the ultimate way for Clark Grassroots supporters to participate in the election. State Invasions will put you where the action is. You'll canvass and call voters, recruit volunteers, participate in events, help get mailings out and take part in other high value activities.
Clark Invaders will see and feel the excitement of the campaign close-up. Invasions Days are crucial to our success. The next invasion is scheduled for January 31 - February 1, the weekend leading up to the primary."

Adopt-An-Intern with Dennis Kucinich!

"At Kucinich for President, we have a special team of dedicated people who bring boundless energy and optimism - our interns. Adopt-An-Intern allows you to show your direct support for our Internship program with your recurring contribution. "

[insert Clinton joke here]

Watch John Edwards do Letterman's Top Ten list!

Man, does that guy have a drawl!

Create and Send your own Dean Postcard!

This would be more fun if there was a way for you to supply a picture of your face and it would add it to a stock photo so it looked like you were with Dean. Think of the possibilities.

I can't find anything amusing to do on the John Kerry website. This is not surprising.

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Today, because I was bored and find politics amusing, I joined the campaign email lists of all of the presidential candidates. Some observations:

Dean -- I had joined the Dean for America list a week or so ago, not out of any support for him, but because I find the Blog interesting reading, and I assumed the emails would be too. So far, I've received reminders to vote in my caucus, an opportunity to vote on a new ad for Wisconsin, and a few thoughts on how I could be involved.

The email welcoming me to the campaign said, "Your participation, combined with hundreds of thousands of Americans, is taking our political process back from the special interests. Together, we will reclaim a government of, by and for the people. How can you take action today? [Lots of ways to take action -- give money, wave signs, make calls, write letters, etc] America was founded by individuals working together in common cause to reject a government that had forgotten them and favored special interests. We are reclaiming the power of individual action and strengthening our great American community. Together, we not only will win the White House in 2004, we will fulfill the promise of America.

We are Dean for America."

I find the "We Are Dean" bits a little creepy.

Kerry -- I just joined the Kerry list. One of my options as I signed up was to get the daily Kerry news updates, a digest entitled "Kerry Forth the Good News." Gag me. Anyway, the email I got from the Kerry folks said,
"Thank you very much for registering at JohnKerry.com -- your support is instrumental in the success of our campaign -- and you have made the first step by signing up today. [List of ways to be useful and links] Thanks for your support! And onward to the White House!

The John Kerry Team"

Not especially inspiring, but respectable. Fitting. Incidentally, it seems they sent me two copies. Maybe it's a one-time glitch, but points will definately be deducted if this continues.

Clark -- Now, for the record, I consider Clark to be a few tanks short of a battalion, but I joined his email list anyway. Interestingly, www.wesleyclark.com leads you to a musician's website with an uber-patriotic background and midi piano music. I thought at first it was Gen. Clark...it was alarming. Anyway, the Clark folks welcomed me on board with this:
"Dear Friend,

Thank you for registering on Clark04.com. We are pleased that you have joined our online community. At least once a week, we will send you the latest campaign news. In the meantime, please consider getting even more involved in the following ways:
1) Tell a friend about our campaign. Together we can keep this historic movement going!

2) [Go to a Meetup]

3) Make a contribution to the Clark campaign. Help us spread Wes Clark's vision for a New American Patriotism across the country!

Again, we appreciate your interest. Know that your involvement is crucial to the success of our campaign. Your efforts and support really will make a difference.

Clark for President"

Tonight's award for overexuberance and grandiosity goes to... Clark! Historic! New American Patriotism (which is? maybe if I give them money they'll tell me)!

Edwards -- In a cute touch, the email welcoming me to the Edwards campaign purports to be from Edwards himself. Edwards' site looks a bit different from the others because it's got a white header, and a red news ticker running across. It's a hair busy. Thrillingly, if you contribute to the campaign, Edwards' mother, Bobbie, will send you her recipe for peanut butter pie. It's like giving to public television, but without the complementary totebag. "John" emailed me the following:
"Dear Friend,
Your support is crucial to my campaign. Thank you for getting
involved and staying connected.
[Webpage info]
I look forward to working with you to win back the White House.

John Edwards"

I suppose it has that "small-town-everyone-knows-everyone-and-we're-all-friends-or-cousins" flavor.

Kucinich -- I thought perhaps it would be amusing to be on Kucinich's list. So far, I was wrong. While all the other emails were rather effusive, Kucinich's had the subject "Kucinich For President Has Received Your Information" and the text was:
"Thank you, your information has been received.
Thank you."

I guess there's a limit to the automatic message-generating capacities of tofu-based computing systems.

Sharpton -- I submitted my email address, but I haven't gotten welcomed to the list yet.

Bush -- Bush's updates tend to be the most, well, monumental of the others. Shots of W. looking presidential, thoughtful, with leadership oozing from his pores. His webpage looks pretty much like everyone else's though. Navy blue header and menu on the left side. Pictures of Bush in a hard hat. I don't still have my Bush email, but I recall immediately being invited to be a Team Leader. This basically worked out to recruiting other people to be Team Leaders/Bush followers. Think Amway.

Conclusion: Kucinich and Sharpton aren't too good at this. But we knew that.
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From now till November, this blog will be dedicated to the presidential race. Much fun.
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